LIGHTSHINE brings hope and healing to many in Latin America who have, experienced devastating losses through traumas such as losing both parents, suffering physical, sexual or emotional abuse, or lacking basic necessities, like a place to sleep or clean drinking water. We started as a ministry to orphans in Romania. Since 2006 we have cared for abandoned and abused children in Peru & Mexico.
The name "Lightshine" is taken from the Gospel of Matthew, quoting Jesus command to his followers:
"Let your light so shine that men would see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven" Matthew 5:16
Three simple words distringuish our past and present ministry: LIFE, WATER & COMMUNITY

Homeless  child


What can capture the essential beauty of life better then the angelic face of a toddler? Our ministry began as a way to provide for the physical, emotional, practical (educational) and spiritual needs of children who had no parent to do so. Giving hope for life to abandoned children is the cornerstone of our ministry, first in Peru, and now in Mexico.

Water the source of life


Jesus came to bring life in every dimension. The first person to hear His claim to be the 'Messiah' was a woman at a well (John's gospel, chapter 4). He promised her 'Living Water'. The poorest people on our earth lack clean drinking water. We have met parents in Peru who lost a child to disease caused by parasites in the community drinking water. Lightshine provides portable filters to some of the poorest families (and schools) in Manchay, Peru. These filters elimanate parasites. We provide the filters for a nominal price, then use the funds to purchase medicines for the families. Each filter carries a simple message, offering the promise of "Living Water"

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It seems all we did was to 'follow our nose' ... looking back, the key to Lightshine's success over the years has been partnering with others to bring synergistic results. We have always partnered with others: churches, Rotary clubs, and with many non-profits and ministries, large and small (such as AGROS and DOXA). To provide quality services, we have partnered with experts (such as Danish child psychologist Dr. Niels Rygaard) and with instituional resources such as Seattle University (Engineering Department) and Pontificia University (Lima). We have worked with the blessing (and invitation) of local leaders, businesses, and with the government of Peru. Lightshine has built relationships leading to practical results and healing for many 'invisible' families and children.

Faith - Pensive Orphan Student, Let My Light Shine


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